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Award Criteria

1. Innovation and Originality (20%)

The degree to which the project demonstrates a novel approach or groundbreaking use of generative AI within the respective category.
The extent to which the project showcases creativity in tackling challenges or addressing specific needs.

2. Impact and Effectiveness (20%)

The tangible improvements or outcomes resulting from the implementation of the generative AI project.
The project's contribution to the advancement of the respective sector, community, or field.

3. Scalability and Sustainability (20%)

The potential for the project to be scaled up or adapted to different contexts or locations.
The project's long-term viability, considering factors such as resource requirements, ongoing maintenance, and future developments.

4. Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing (20%)

The extent to which the project promotes collaboration between different stakeholders, such as organizations, researchers, and communities.
The project's contribution to the broader AI community through knowledge sharing, open-source initiatives, or other forms of engagement.

5. Ethics and Responsible AI (20%)

The project's alignment with ethical principles and responsible AI practices, including data privacy, transparency, and fairness.
The steps taken to mitigate potential risks or biases associated with the generative AI application.

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