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Elizabeth (Liz)


Liz Ngonzi, a member of our Global Experts Council, is a distinguished educator, transformative social entrepreneur, and renowned global speaker known for leveraging technology for social impact. As an Adjunct Assistant Professor at NYU, she specializes in digital storytelling, emerging tech, and generative AI, empowering professionals in stakeholder engagement.
Leading The International Social Impact Institute®, Liz equips global leaders with impactful storytelling and engagement strategies. Her roles include Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Cornell University and contributions to The Bank of America Institute for Women’s Entrepreneurship.
Since founding ISII in 2020, Liz has trained 600+ leaders, hosted 100+ events with 34,000+ participants, fostered 110+ global partnerships, and enhanced AI proficiency for 2,000+ individuals since June 2023.
A Cornell and Syracuse University alumna, Liz has received awards like the CSR Excellence Awards’ Most Empowering Transformation Coach 2023 and an NYUSPS Teaching Excellence Award 2021. Her work advocating for inclusivity and sustainability through technology has been featured in notable publications.