How AI Boosts Your Creative Potential

By Kathleen Walch

Creativity is one of the traits that makes us uniquely human. Creativity enables humans to express their individuality. It allows humans to express a wide range of emotions. It involves a willingness to consider new ideas, experiences, and perspectives. Individuals can use their imagination to think about new ideas, concepts, and scenarios.

As AI, and generative AI, continues to touch many aspects of our personal and professional lives, we are able to do things such as writing, generating reports, creating images and presentations with ease. What once required years of experience and certain skills to create, now can be done fairly simply with the help of AI.

The transformative power of AI lies in its ability to unlock new creative potentials and augment human ingenuity. Creativity enhances our interactions with AI systems, particularly genAI and prompt engineering. But AI also has the ability to enhance human creativity. As you look at it from both sides, it becomes evident that creativity is an indispensable soft skill in the age of AI, driving innovation and collaboration.

The Role Creativity plays with Generative AI

Creativity plays a crucial role in effectively interacting with AI, particularly genAI. Innovative thinking is essential for crafting unique and effective prompts, which directly influences the quality and relevance of AI outputs. For example, when using genAI to create images or write stories, the specificity and creativity of the prompts can lead to diverse and compelling results. Instead of a simple prompt like “create an image of a tree,” a more creative prompt such as “Create a surreal forest scene with glowing trees and mystical creatures. Have the mood of the scene be peaceful and the lighting of the scene be dim.” can inspire the AI to generate more imaginative and engaging content and images.

Creative prompt engineering has led to some remarkable results. AI-generated and AI-assisted artworks have won awards and competitions. AI-assisted writing tools are helping authors develop unique narratives, brainstorm ideas, and help develop outlines. AI is helping marketers write better promo, create personalized ad content, and social media posts. AI is helping casual musicians and composers create new music in a variety of different styles and genres. AI is helping filmmakers and video producers to automate editing processes, generate special effects, and overall enhance visual storytelling. These examples highlight how creative inputs can significantly enhance AI outputs, demonstrating the importance of creativity in the interaction with generative AI systems.

Being more creative will help you with Generative AI

On the flip side, being more creative is going to help you be better with genAI and prompting. Increasingly, the necessity and enhancement of creativity with AI is being understood as is expressed in this AI Today podcast episode. The beauty of prompt engineering lies in its low stakes for failure. This encourages you to embrace your creative side, try “out of the box” ideas, and experiment with different prompt patterns and tools. Don’t hesitate to test various approaches, even those outside your comfort zone.

Study successful prompts used by others, and try them out yourself. Foster creativity within your organization by sharing your own successful prompts. This transparency helps everyone see prompts, prompt patterns, and techniques work well for different situations. Drawing inspiration from others is crucial, as creativity thrives on diverse inputs. Observing how different prompts are structured can spark innovative ideas and different viewpoints and ways of thinking or approaching problems. Explore the diverse features of LLMs, such as uploading files to extract information and outputting results into tables or other formats.

Most importantly, don’t let fear or intimidation hold you back. You might hesitate to try prompt engineering due to fear of mistakes, judgment, or feeling overshadowed by more experienced peers. Instead, view each prompt as a learning opportunity to refine your technique and expand your possibilities. Get creative, experiment, and consider using LLMs in ways you might not have thought of, such as document analysis, sentiment analysis, translation, or automating routine customer interactions.

The Synergy Between Human Creativity and AI

Creativity is a vital soft skill that enhances our interactions with AI and is equally enhanced by AI tools. The mutual enhancement of creativity and AI interaction can lead to innovative thinking and remarkable outcomes. As we continue to integrate AI into various aspects of life and work, developing creativity, alongside other soft skills such as communication and critical thinking, is crucial for maximizing the potential of these powerful technologies. By embracing and cultivating these skills, we not only stay ahead in an AI-driven world but also unlock the full potential of human-AI collaboration. Together, human creativity and AI capabilities can truly create some remarkable outcomes.

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